Elevating Teachers to Teacher Leaders

The issue: Minority teachers are a declining share of the teacher workforce and the gap between the percentage of Latino teachers and students is larger than for any other racial or ethnic group.

*8.9% of American Education Leaders of Schools (principals) are Hispanic
*10.5% of American Education Leaders of Schools (principals) are Black

The Why: The impact of having minority teacher leaders is especially significant for students of color, who have higher test scores, fewer dropouts, are more likely to graduate high school, and more likely to succeed in college when they have had teachers of color who serve as role models and support their achievements in school and their learning**. Students with racially diverse school leaders also have fewer unexcused absences and are less likely to be chronically absent.

Minority Teacher Leaders may help mitigate feelings of isolation, frustration, and fatigue often experienced by teachers of color, which contributes to them abandoning the teaching profession. Serving as mentors by sharing experiences as well as offering productive strategies, well-equipped Minority Teacher Leaders serve as a significant tool to assist with the increase of minority teachers in the classroom.

The solution: TWL TTL (teach to lead) Program

Β Provide ongoing teacher professional development programs (nationally and globally) for underrepresented teachers to improve the representation of highly effective Minority Teacher Leaders.




**Learning Policy Institute.org