Meet some of our Marvelous Students!

“We are very passionate about showing EVERY student love and offering EVERY student an opportunity to display their gifts and talents.”

We have picked 10 incredible students to visit NYC for 5 days! We plan to visit America’s only Museum of Math and the Museum of Finance on Wall Street.

What makes this trip unique is that this is also a Math Mission Trip ✨  our own low income students will be helping NYC students, that are also economically challenged, with math tutoring!

Not only are they giving service to those in need, but our students will be able to immerse themselves in the culture and see the sights!  So hop on board and sponsor a high school student to immerse in the greatest math classroom, the World!


“immerse them in the greatest math classroom, the World!”

photo by one of our Sponsors Vicky Flores Photography.

Note from Mrs. Cote:

I am begging anyone who will listen….please sponsor a High Schooler, they need some  ❤  too….but tend to be the ones forgotten   (all of these kids are on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program and several are foster kids). Two of the students have lost a parent. Because they are lacking in finances and a stable home, most have never had an opportunity to leave Florida.

When it comes to receiving help for High School teenagers…well “they are the Forgotten Children”


Thanks to our current sponsorships, and especially BookBag Tours.…we are GOING!!!

Here is how YOU can still help the kids:

Each student needs 8 sponsors! For $50 You will get photos from the trip and a personal letter from them!! (or fully sponsor a child for $400!)

You can pay via our gofundme page (although they take about 3% of it) or you can mail a check / money order (so kids get full amount of donation) directly to:

Bookbag Tours

205 Kensington Road

Greenville, SC 29617

Have Venmo? You can send money to Bookbag Tours that way too!

VENMO to Kenneth-George-4


Please Share this post and thank you for taking time to consider making a difference in the lives of these 10 students!


Who are we?
Two passionate minority female Math teachers in Tampa, FL who will do anything for our kids!

Mrs. Cote (2018 I.S.B. Diversity Educator of the Year) and  Mrs. Brown (2018 Teacher of the Year).

To email us: click here.


Thanks to corporate discounts and sponsorships, we were able to get everything included for just $450 per student…..this is where the individual sponsors come in!!