1.Determine if the trip is a good fit for you. 

Before applying, read up on Teach With Love first. Visit our social platforms, watch our video and see if it’s a good fit for my current goals? Follow us on IG, FB and Twitter. Make sure the dates of the program are not in the middle of any major personal or professional events that would prevent you from participating fully.

2. Create a draft of your application outside of the application form.

Simply copy the questions from the application into a separate document and draft your answers. First, don’t get caught slipping with grammar mistakes. Second, you can get direct feedback on your application from others by simply sharing it with them. Third, you have time to stew on answers and can easily make changes before you submit your final copy.

3. Be specific!

Successful applicants to Teach With Love provide clear, inspiring, and detailed evidence when they answer questions. For example, when writing your “underrepresented” story, it’s important that you focus on a clear series of events that demonstrate how you grew and overcame challenges in your life.
Another place in the application where you should be specific is when you describe how, if admitted, you can help your teacher peers and/or your entire school. Think of this section as an opportunity to describe your teacher superpowers; those aspects of yourself that truly set you apart from everyone else.  We want to know what you can bring to the TWL community to ensure that all teachers #teachwithlove.

4. Get feedback from others before you submit it.

Before you submit your application, ask others to read it! Have them check your grammar, spelling, and click on any and all links you are including. A big no-no is submitting an application full of errors. After all, if you don’t care enough to submit a high-quality application, what’s going to make anyone think you care enough to make a difference? Also, have your people audit your digital presence. For instance, when someone searches your name online, what shows up?

5. Give yourself time.

If you are not a natural at writing, carve out time over a week or two to complete your application. Don’t go at it all the first time, write your draft, give it 24 hours to simmer. Go back, edit and then submit.